The World’s Smallest Quadcopter Review

When I first got into flying drones I had to start off with a mini quadcopter so I could get some experience before flying the bigger and more expensive models. I never did give up the mini drones though because I could fly them indoors and that was always a lot of fun. Over time I started buying more and more mini quadcopters and eventually I wanted to get the world’s smallest quadcopter ever so I started looking and I found the Estes 4606 Proto X Nano. This drone is so small that I’m pretty sure the only place you could find one smaller is in a military base somewhere that was built by some extremely smart drone scientist. Not sure if those even exist but enough small talk and let’s get right to the review of this awesome machine.

World’s Smallest Quadcopter Review

When I say the world’s smallest I definitely mean it, the Estes Proto X Nano has a size of 1.8 x 1.8 inches which is so tiny you might even lose track of it if you aren’t fully paying attention. The second I laid eyes on this quadcopter I had to test it out so I let the LiPo battery charge for 40 minutes then went for a test flight. The very first thought that came to my head was that I wasn’t going to be able to tell which way is the front of the drone. Luckily the front and back rotors and body are lit up by blue and red LED lights which not only makes it easier to guide but cooler to fly at night as well.

Another big worry with such a small drone is that it might break easily if it happen to crash into something such as the ground. You don’t have to worry though because the Proto X Nano comes with an extra 4 rotor blades just in case of those situations. The world’s smallest quadcopters can even be flown directly out of the box because it is an RTF model which stands for ready to fly. You have to make sure to fully charge your battery before you go on your first flight though so your battery will have a long lifespan. To fully charge this quadcopters you will need to charge it for around 40 minutes and you can expect around 4-6 minutes of flight time.

Overall I would have to say the world’s smallest quadcopters is a whole lot of fun to fly around and something your whole family can enjoy. The quadcopters reviews for the Estes Proto X Nano are mostly very good but a few people do mention about the controls being a little stiff at first. With a little bit of flying around these will eventually loosen up to make the whole experience even better. I’m sure you will enjoy the Proto X Nano just as I did and always make sure to leave your own review so other people can see what you think about this wonderful drone.

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Best Paintball Gun for Woodsball Players

If you are new to playing woodsball and are looking for the best paintball gun for a beginner woodsabll player then you have come to the right place. I have played the game of paintball for over 10 years now and have tested many of the most popular markers that are out today. After using so many paintball guns there is one that stands out above the rest under the $200 price range and that is the Tippmann A-5. The A-5 is just an all-around great paintball marker that when in the right hands can do some serious damage to the opposing team. So if you are looking to buy a relatively cheap paintball marker and are an avid woodsball player then keep reading because in my mind this is the best paintball gun for you.


Best Paintball Gun – Beginner Woodsball

When it comes to making durable paintball markers no one does it quite as well as Tippmann. The Tippmann A-5 is an extremely well made marker that can withstand nearly all types of weather and abuse and still keep working like a champ. Unlike most paintball guns that can shoot extremely fast the A-5 requires no batteries that would keep you from playing in the rain due to the cyclone feed hopper. The cyclone feed design was created and patented by Tippmann which works by all mechanical actions when you fire your gun. The cyclone feed can handle up to 15 balls per second stock and even more with upgrades. In order to shoot this fast though all you need to buy is either a response trigger or an e-grip and you are good to go.

best paintball gun - tippmann a-5


This leads me to the next best aspect of this paintball marker which is the fact that is so customizable. While the Tippmann A-5 might be considered a beginner paintball gun to start with after buying certain upgrades it will turn into a professional one. You can easily add a red dot or scope on to the dovetail railing which will greatly increase your accuracy which is extremely important when it comes to your first few shots. This marker can also be upgraded with a stock which will increase the stability of your shot and the time that it takes pool your gun from your side to firing position. If you happen to buy a paintball marker that is used for speedball then you will have to use your air tank instead which quite frankly isn’t quite as fast to aim with or as stable. If you’re looking for more efficiency then all you need to do is upgrade the internals and your shots will be much more consistent. Some players like to go for the realistic look and the Tippmann A-5 has more milsim upgrades than any other paintball marker ever created. So if you are going for realism and you can’t get any better than this.

top paintball marker for woodsball


If you are looking for a reliable paintball marker that can be heavily upgraded over time to become even better then look no further than the Tippmann A-5. Even though I have much more expensive paintball guns nowadays I still always find myself coming back to this one due to the fact that it’s just so much fun to use and looks so cool. For the price range you really can’t get any better and I believe this is to be the best paintball gun for beginner woodsball players. Hopefully you enjoy my review and always remember to have fun playing the great game of paintball.

Best Mini Drone of 2014 – Syma X1

Drones are taking over the news and bringing a lot of popularity to my favorite hobby which is quadcopters. While quadcopters aren’t the drones you hear about in the news they are small quad rotor rc copters that are a lot of fun to fly around. If you’re looking to get into quadcopters flying then I would suggest to start off with a mini drone so you can practice flying with a cheap model before making a big purchase on something like the Parrot AR. Drone 2.0. One of the best mini drones on the market today is the Syma X1 which is absolute favorite so let’s jump straight into the review.

Best Mini Drone – Syma X1

best mini drone of 2014

For a little over $30 you can have the Syma X1 which is in my honest opinion the best mini quadcopter on the market today. This little drone is extremely fun to fly and can be flown both indoors and outdoors thanks to the 3-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity. You can also fly up to 40 meters away which is pretty unheard of for mini quadcopters.

Thanks to its strong anti-interference capabilities you can fly this quad around other one’s as well without having to worry about the radio signals confusing each other. What makes the Syma X1 so much fun though is the 360 degree Eversion mode which allows you flip in every direction imaginable which is pretty cool. You can also use the Speed Up mode to go even faster though the battery will drain a little faster. With the high powered Li-po battery you can get about 6 minutes of flight time and you only have to wait 40 minutes to get a full charge. So if you’re looking for the best mini drone available in 2014 then you have to go with the Syma X1.

Woodsball vs. Speedsball

When it comes to the wonderful game of paintball there are two different match types you can play; one being woodsball and the other speedsball. Depending on which match type you prefer to play will determine how you gear and what type of paintball marker you buy. If your local field is only one type or the other then you may be out of luck on what you can play. If you do have the option to play both match types then I recommend trying them both out to see which one you prefer.

Woodsball vs. Speedsball – How to Gear

The two styles are completely different game types but each fun in their own way. Woodsball as you probably guessed is played in the woods while speedsball is played in a rectangular field covered with inflatable bunkers. While you can use speedsball marker for woodsball if you wish you can’t do the other way around. Once you know which game type you like better then you can figure out how you want to choose your gear.


speedsball vs woodsball

When gearing for woodsball you of course want to go with camouflage clothing as bright colors will stick out in the woods. The main difference between the two though is how you choose your paintball gun. For woodsball you usually want to go with a mechanical marker because of the fact you could be out in the field in and start dealing with bad weather. We also want to make sure that your paintball gun is a dark color to avoid sticking out in the woods as well. A lot of players tend to buy a stock for their marker in order to get a more stable and accurate shot. You don’t necessarily need a gun that shoots extremely fast but you can never go wrong with high bps. Some players even choose to make their markers mil-sim style in order to look more realistic but this is only up to your preference.


how to geat

Speedsball is all about having a light gun that shoots extremely fast. With woodsball markers you can choose to go with the offset hopper to get a better shot but with speedsball guns you absolutely have to have a center feed marker so you can switch hands and shoot from each side of the bunker. I would say you want your marker to shoot at least 15 bps as well as have a few different modes that you can choose from. It’s always preferred to use hpa because of the fact you get a more consistent shot but in speedball it’s actually a necessity. If you do want to play speedsball then be prepared to spend a lot more on paint. As long as you don’t care about the higher cost of playing and you enjoy the fast-paced games then speedsball may be right for you.

DJI Phantom Vision 2 – A Close Look

What makes the DJI Phantom Vision 2 so much better than the other quadcopters beside it superior flying and control is the fact that has a gimbal that has revolutionized the quadcopter industry. The gimbal actually allows the camera to stay in place when flying which gives a smooth shot much like you would on a movie set. This allows for amazing video footage and aerial photography unlike any other drone on the market today. The Phantom 2 Vision is pretty expensive though at a price tag over $1000 but if you have the money to shell out than it is much worth it. For any other cool features us watch the video above, you might want to grab some popcorn because it’s pretty long.