Woodsball vs. Speedsball

When it comes to the wonderful game of paintball there are two different match types you can play; one being woodsball and the other speedsball. Depending on which match type you prefer to play will determine how you gear and what type of paintball marker you buy. If your local field is only one type or the other then you may be out of luck on what you can play. If you do have the option to play both match types then I recommend trying them both out to see which one you prefer.

Woodsball vs. Speedsball – How to Gear

The two styles are completely different game types but each fun in their own way. Woodsball as you probably guessed is played in the woods while speedsball is played in a rectangular field covered with inflatable bunkers. While you can use speedsball marker for woodsball if you wish you can’t do the other way around. Once you know which game type you like better then you can figure out how you want to choose your gear.


speedsball vs woodsball

When gearing for woodsball you of course want to go with camouflage clothing as bright colors will stick out in the woods. The main difference between the two though is how you choose your paintball gun. For woodsball you usually want to go with a mechanical marker because of the fact you could be out in the field in and start dealing with bad weather. We also want to make sure that your paintball gun is a dark color to avoid sticking out in the woods as well. A lot of players tend to buy a stock for their marker in order to get a more stable and accurate shot. You don’t necessarily need a gun that shoots extremely fast but you can never go wrong with high bps. Some players even choose to make their markers mil-sim style in order to look more realistic but this is only up to your preference.


how to geat

Speedsball is all about having a light gun that shoots extremely fast. With woodsball markers you can choose to go with the offset hopper to get a better shot but with speedsball guns you absolutely have to have a center feed marker so you can switch hands and shoot from each side of the bunker. I would say you want your marker to shoot at least 15 bps as well as have a few different modes that you can choose from. It’s always preferred to use hpa because of the fact you get a more consistent shot but in speedball it’s actually a necessity. If you do want to play speedsball then be prepared to spend a lot more on paint. As long as you don’t care about the higher cost of playing and you enjoy the fast-paced games then speedsball may be right for you.

DJI Phantom Vision 2 – A Close Look

What makes the DJI Phantom Vision 2 so much better than the other quadcopters beside it superior flying and control is the fact that has a gimbal that has revolutionized the quadcopter industry. The gimbal actually allows the camera to stay in place when flying which gives a smooth shot much like you would on a movie set. This allows for amazing video footage and aerial photography unlike any other drone on the market today. The Phantom 2 Vision is pretty expensive though at a price tag over $1000 but if you have the money to shell out than it is much worth it. For any other cool features us watch the video above, you might want to grab some popcorn because it’s pretty long.